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Interior concerns: An area where the Ravens have a huge advantage over Pittsburgh is on the defensive line. Buffalo's defensive line, and particularly Kyle Williams, gave the Steelers a lot of problems last week. Roethlisberger was sacked five times against the Bills, including the hit that twisted his foot. The Ravens have Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs and waves of defensive linemen to throw at Pittsburgh's struggling and banged-up offensive line. If Baltimore wins this matchup, it will go a long way toward slowing Pittsburgh's offense.



Unleash The Hounds!


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I am confident in a Raven win. The Ravens are a little banged up, but the stealers have been really hit hard with injuries.


If, and I feel when, they fall behind they will become one dimensional and their offensive line will not be able to protect Ben. The game will close up to halftime, and the Ravens will pull away.


I even see a Rolisburger not even finishing the game

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I too am a bit pessimistic on a win. I really feel the Steelers, at this point, are the better football team. What's more unfortunate is that I think we have the better personnel. We're just not capitalizing on what we have here in Baltimore. No points in the second half of the Tampa game says alot about where this offense is going. We continually fail on 3 & 4th down in short yardage situations. We also do not have these receivers involved enough, we don't take enough deep chances in games. Interceptions on deep throws are similar to punts for crying out loud. Our defense has always struggled against smaller one cut and go backs. Mendenhall fits that bill. Why oh why we don't throw WR screens to Boldin is a mystery, that guy runs those sooooo well. Why oh why we can't run a screen pass, etc.


I don't think the Steelers are invincible, I just don't see them losing. I feel the Steelers win this one with authority. 24-10.


This is pretty much worst case scenario.. I do agree that we have the better personel, and that we have not been very good at capitalizing.


I do hate the horrible Steelers cry over the refs, and I fear this more than anything else, the zebras again give the steelers a win, this combined with conservative playcalls is what I fear.


Going back I think the refs owe us big time against the steelers, Hinez Ward hits against Woodson and Reed and others, Joey Porter and Harrison who has always been what they are, Clarks and Sweeds hits on McGahee and Ivy in the PO game.. Holmes fanthom TD.. (if not from that we would have been 7-0 in Baltimore against Steelers), their OL seems to get all the calls their way.. holding agaisnt Pryce and others..


And what is wrong with Bens 7-3 record versus Ravens, what can we do when he is missing almost every single game in Baltimore? BS.. they have already their excuse, Ben was hurt, sigh! The fact is he has only one win here, and that was obviously more a defense/zebra win than a Ben win. Ben have only had one great game against us overall, and the way our offense and defense played in 2007, I believe we would have lost anyway, except from that win it has not been him doing much, more their team.. especially their D.


Last year when we lost to the Steelers, it was basically us who dominated in every single way, it was also our team who commited penalties -- 113 yards to Pittsburgh's 20, including two TDs wiped out, Masons worst TD-drop ever, Zibbys late return wiped out, Rice fumble just after we had forced a turnover deep in their territory.


I do like many thing in this match, our WR/TE against their DBs, RayFuckingRice, their DL and OL seems to be something we can handle. Cundiff and Koch. Suggs, Ngata, Ray, Ed. And hope to see some new warriors in Kruger and Cody. Except from their linebackers I am not impressed with Steelers 2010. I really hope we start fast and our coaches continue to play aggressive, that we not allow the zebras to dominate this game.


We need this win if we want to do anything in the POs. Ravens 23-17.

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