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Somehow the Cleveland Browns have the brightest future in the NFL

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The Browns offer a chance to build something special. The greatest market inefficiency in professional sports is a franchise quarterback on a rookie contract. Getting a 12-karat player for the price of 12 carrots in a salary capped sport is almost unfair. As the number overall pick, Mayfield is set to make good money. But it’s nothing compared to what he would command on the open market. It may be the most valuable contract in football right now.

Factor in the youth revolution that started under the Sashi Brown-Paul DePodesta brain trust, and has continued under Dorsey, and you get a cost-effective roster with all the draft capital and free-agent dollars in the world to sprinkle some tasty cherries on top. Clinch a playoff berth next season and they’ll probably give the head coach a statue.With Mayfield and this young core, that should be the minimum expectation.



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It certainly looks very bright....



"John Dorsey is officially a genius ...'' tweeted Browns defensive back Damarious Randall.

Beckham will join Landry, his good friend, to form arguably the top one-two receiving tandem in the league, which no doubt will delight second-year quarterback and 2018 No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield. Mayfield and Beckham are already tight; they spent part of last summer working out in California with Landry, who has been campaigning since he arrived in Cleveland for his former college teammate to join him............http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26242951/browns-acquiring-obj-giants-source-says


This is one of those moves that puts you over the top.



News of the Beckham deal, which was first reported by NFL Network, had an immediate impact in Las Vegas. Cleveland's odds to win the Super Bowl went from 25-1 to 14-1 at Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. Its odds to win the AFC went from 12-1 to 7-1, behind only those of Kansas City and New England (3-1).

The Browns went 7-8-1 last season after not winning a game in 2017-18. They haven't reached the playoffs since 2002.

Browns pass-rusher Myles Garrett, when asked if the Browns are the team to beat in the AFC North, told NFL Network, "Absolutely. I think the tide has turned, and we can't wait to get out there and prove it."
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On paper the Browns look very good and at this point in time, should be the favorite to win the North.


They still have to play the schedule.

Harbaugh and the Ravens won't concede shit...and the Ravens have the best secondary in the NFL.

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