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Ravens Revolution

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They are going to add a new change to the game. An effective change. A lasting change.

From now on teams will continue to dink and dunk or copy the Ravens style of offense.

It's a developing work in progress. It will evolve as the season goes on.

This is going to be so much fun to watch. :gorave:



Standing in front of the team, Harbaugh said the Ravens weren't going to chase the long-standing model of the drop-back passer. Baltimore is going to break the mold of NFL offenses, the head coach told his players. "He was getting me pumped up talking about the new revolution," Jackson said. "I was thinking we were about to play today. I was like, 'OK, Coach. I’m all-in!'"

"The way we have this offense going is going to give teams fits because -- I’m not going to say it’s college-ish -- but it’s definitely something that’s new that people haven’t seen," cornerback Jimmy Smith said. "They’re going to have to really practice to even understand what we’re doing."

"We’re so dynamic, and we’re able do so many things, and we have so many pieces," tight end Mark Andrews said. "You’re going to have to pick your poison with us. Whatever you pick to stop us, we can hurt you with other things.".....https://www.espn.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/50171/will-lamar-jackson-and-ravens-revolutionize-the-nfl-offense



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Yep my interest is stoked too. Hopefully things like injuries are kept to a minimum.


But, just think...it'll be the start of a season where we don't have to yawn at the upcoming offense!

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This offense sounds scary good !


Ah, let us not forget this is training camp.

The preseason will tell us more.

The first two regular games, even more.


But I can't help being fired up myself.

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