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Friedgen out, Leach in?


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Oh, boy.


Maryland is strongly considering asking coach Ralph Friedgen to retire and accept a buyout, according to multiple sources.


Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson said Friday he would not address whether Friedgen was guaranteed to return in 2011. Anderson was addressing reporters on the departure of James Franklin, who took the head coaching job at Vanderbilt Commodores on Friday.


At one point during this season, Maryland told Friedgen he could return next season, but the coach has been pushing for a contract extension.


Franklin had been Maryland's coach in waiting. At least three Maryland assistant coaches are aware of the likelihood Friedgen will not return for next season and have committed to follow Franklin to Vanderbilt.


Sources said that former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach would be the leading candidate to replace Friedgen if he is forced into retirement, with former Washington coach Tyrone Willingham and current New Mexico coach Mike Locksley also candidates for the job.


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They should have got Nick Saben like my other rooting interest Alabama did.

Penn St is #3 on my list.


Whoever they get to be the HC is walking in with part of the problem solved...he's got a good QB and receiver.

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Im glad my other rooting interest (Penn St) dosent pull mickey mouse shit like this..Md is a disgrace..


1. What's wrong with what MD did? Fridge made his name for 3 years on another coach's recruiting... then struggled beyond that to keep his teams competitive. The Terps hardly beat anyone good this year - 1-4 against half-decent opponents. And his recruiting sucks... still.


2. Anderson is right that MD needs a long-term solution. When James Franklin (who wasn't the answer either) left for Vanderbilt, the entire "Fridge gives way to Assistant" plan went out the window. Now, I think Anderson was happy about that in some ways, but it is a legit concern. Fridge was not going to be here after next year - so he was pretty much a lame duck anyway. You can't recruit - or even keep players - knowing the coach will change.


3. Everyone had to see this coming in some respects because of the change in AD. Anderson was brought in most specifically to bring the football program back (again). He has to. The Terps go 8-4 and can hardly sell tickets... while in the middle of a massive stadium expansion and overhaul? Great sign.


4. Lastly, Penn St is a joke in it's own right. Just like Bowden in FSU, Paterno doesn't do shit anymore. He's just a name. And maybe they are smart enough to let him be the name that gets recruiting done, but I think it's ridiculous that schools and any business let themselves be dragged around by their balls by 80+ year old men. And now JoePa says he wants in for another 5-8 years? Ha.

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