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Karma Gets Grossi

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Finally, the ignoramus who kept blocking Art getting into the HOF gets his dues....


An ESPN Cleveland radio personality has been suspended by the station after using “a derogatory slur to describe Little People” when talking about Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. Tony Grossi, who has gotten into it with Mayfield in the past, was caught using the term on a hot mic.

Grossi, 63, believed he was off the air when he made the comment. After being presented with all the quarterbacks the Browns have passed on in recent years, Grossi responds by saying, “And who do we got? A f****** midget.” :ohmy:

ESPN Cleveland suspended Grossi indefinitely following that comment. :yeah: In a statement, ESPN Cleveland said it “will not tolerate derogatory language that demeans others or groups of people.” The station also apologized to “our fans, our partners, the Browns and Baker Mayfield.”..https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/espn-cleveland-suspends-reporter-for-using-derogatory-slur-to-describe-baker-mayfield/ar-BB10nDmC?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=U508DHP

Good Karma!!! :laugh:


Good Karma Brands — which is listed at the bottom of the statement — is a media conglomerate that manages several ESPN affiliates, including ESPN Cleveland. :fishin:



Ignoramous: Someone who is stupid and an asshole.

pronounced ig'nor' Ay,mous
"You're an ignoramous."
"What an ignoramous.
Tony Grossi is the poster child for all ignoramous's.
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