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Ray Rice is Sick


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Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is reportedly dealing with an illness ahead of Saturdays NFL playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. According to ESPN’s Bob Holtzman, Rice fell ill Friday afternoon and was vomiting at the team hotel shortly thereafter. With a 4:30 p.m. date with the Steelers at Heinz Field looming, it’s unknown whether whatever Rice is dealing with will affect his status for the game.





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He's a key player. Check down man ect.

They can pound the ball with Willis and McLain but this really hurts the passing game.

Get him on the IV's.


Maybe he caught this and it's a 24 hour thing...

Wide receiver Donte' Stallworth returned to practice, participating fully after missing Wednesday with an illness.


"Yeah, I'm a lot better," Stallworth said. "I just had a little stomach deal. I've been talking to the doctor and they said if it was to continue I would take an IV before Saturday. I'm fine."

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Rice says he's fine.


After reports saying he was dealing with an illness and had vomited Friday night, Ravens running back Ray Rice posted this on his Twitter account this morning: "To clear it all up I will be playing today ain't no questionable or none of that I'm good."


ESPN's Bob Holtzman had reported late Friday that Rice was seen throwing up at the team hotel in Pittsburgh.


In a couple of his Twitter entries, Rice used LOL -- laugh out loud -- including "LOL you know I'm playing."


Rice’s two lowest rushing totals of the season came against the Steelers. He rushed for 20 yards against them at Pittsburgh and managed 32 yards against them at M&T Bank Stadium.



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I though it meant "Lunch Out Loud".


I think you're confusing Rice's tweets with Casey "Big Snack" Hampton's tweets.




I gotta wonder if this was just subterfuge. Same with the supposed report that ESPN has blown one of the Steeler's trick plays.

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