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Personnel Thoughts So Far


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Harbaugh: Contract extension minutes away.


McClain: Doubts he'll be back.


Bulger: Considering returning as a backup in Baltimore instead of starter elsewhere.


Birk: Needs a couple of weeks.


Mason: Wants to return for a ring, not just to play. No decision, but he wants to play.


Cameron: Flacco and Birk would be surprised if he didn't return.

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I think Birk will hang them up. I think Mason will too.


I have to laugh at McClain - the Sun is reporting the same thing and saying that if we wanted him to stay, we would have used him more the last two years.


Now, I think we should have given him a few more touches, sure. He proved he can handle it and deserves it when he was the starter for a year. But on the other hand... you're a freaking fullback, LeRon. A fullback. You got about as many touches as any other full back - certainly as many receptions.


If you want to be a true feature back, I guess you can try. Not sure how many takers you will find.

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What's McGahee's contract status? McClain proved he could be a durable RB given more carries and the fact we had Willis really killed LeRon's carries. If Willis is gone I say bring back McClain, otherwise get someone who will block and that's it.


For me, the issue is the Offensive Line. Joe needs time, not WR's. We had so many talented WR's but Joe hasn't developed the ability to go to the 3rd option efficiently yet and it's more important we keep him standing.

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