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O's raise ticket prices


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Heres the thing, every cable co and satellite company from Delaware to North Carolina, if they have MASN, Peter Angelos gets a 1.00 per subscriber, think about that, I live in Pa, and my Direct Tv package includes MASN, I have no choice in the matter..1.00 from my monthly bill goes square to the Angelos acct..Thats sick, when you consider how many folks there are from Delaware to N Carolina.

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I know that but also Bluedot, Turbotax, and Allstate as well as all the rest of their advertisers start to walk away. That is a chunk of change. Also signage at the stadium. I know the Sun, Coke, Geico, Toyota, and many more are paying a chunk of change to have their signs. Tell them that their products are useless to you because they do business with Peter and they may walk away.

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Drop Pants

Bend over

Grab Ankles

Bite Pillow

Pillow? In whose BR is this graphic scene taking place? well, at least you won't bite off your tongue, you may still then complain vocally.

Really, I think an acronym is needed here, DPBOGABP is kind of difficult... lemme think about it...

But really, when haven't the O's mgmt rai$ed price$? I'm not concerned with that, and I actually have some interest (if not hope) in their acquisitions, they seem to be deliberate in the intent to establish a complete infield that has been incomplete since, well, I dare say the Palmeiro/Alomar days. For now, legitimate 'trying' is enough. I may even pay to watch a game or two this year. At the Yard, I mean.

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