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Victory at Indy: Ain't the beer cold ?

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Yesterday's win conjured up the captioned memory from Chuck Thompson. 

Hey,, everything today looks, feels and is just better, thanks to a gutty D, a couple of huge turnovers and big time performance from Lamar.   

This game had all the makings of hangover and it continued that way until the 3rd quarter when the D and Lamar took over.


And ya got to admit, it looked a little bleak early in the 3rd Q after yet another blown red zone opp. 

C'mon, weren't you thinking "here we go again" ?       


But Lamar came up big time, proved me wrong again, and willed his team to victory.

It was a gritty performance and huge for this team.  Imagine the alternative and sitting there at 5-3.


Instead, we are sitting here at 6-2, got the Indy monkey off our backs, and can savor the W,   


Ain't the beer still cold ! 




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The defense kept them in the game long enough for Roman to wake up. :zzz:

The defense held them to 10 points. They were averaging 26. :beer:




The decision at halftime to increase the tempo made the difference. The players could play without thinking. They got into a fluid rhythm. They didn't have time to out think themselves. They just went out a balled.

Just watching Lamar...his football instincts took over, because he knows what to do.

How many Ravens offenses have we seen slowly walk up to the line of scrimmage, lazily put their hands down and get beat off the ball? Not in the second half at Indy.

That sense of urgency, attack, fight...no matter how ugly it looks like, that wears down an opponent. Eventually, an excellent Colts defense caved in. :gorave:


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