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This Years ER Holiday Movie Nominations


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There's been a voting deadlock on the ER Board of Directors....national-lampoons-animal-house-02-undesi........... for this years "Must See" Holiday movie. After viewing  "A Bad Moms Christmas Movie" 20 times, half felt very strongly this was a must see, while  the other half thought it was way too spiritual,  Suddenly they had a last minute change of heart and actually thought that having Posters input could possibly be a good idea. 

So we have this amazing opportunity to submit our suggestions for deliberation. Right here.

What's you pick for this years Holiday Movie?





And in the spirit of togetherness, please feel free to add your favorite family holiday photos on our wall in the den.


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13 hours ago, deeshopper said:

lol. Which family is yours?

Thanks for asking and for your interest dee. That's mighty kind of you.

As you can see, we're not a glum lot...family2.jpg

We're a simple, jolly bunch...feeling Joy...OIP.494-e4ikpYQAPLqXRCHvCAHaLM?w=140&h=2...and engaging in all the holiday traditions...redneck_christmas_21.jpg

..like decorating the tree...redneck_christmas_situations_02.jpg..and yard...OIP.xK4uzT50K8iWFZnQ_6gQYwHaFj?w=263&h=1


Like most folks, we all look forward to the big family dinner...norman-rockwell.jpg....


and then, after dinner, while the family's having fun...OIP.nUGCkJeZU0jsHNjbMpLmpwHaFO?w=232&h=1..OIP.nRkmFHv3Zz7bn_Q72wbd3AHaLH?w=200&h=3...I sneak away OIP.DhhsMWwLIEWQADV3Tse3YwAAAA?w=139&h=1and open a present...consume it.....and...


take my traditional joy ride around Catonsville...redneck-christmas-float.jpg



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