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Raiders make Seymour move official


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The Raiders officially announced the massive two-year deal signed by defensive tackle Richard Seymour on Thursday.


“I’m thrilled to be with the Silver and Black, a team that has a bright future,” said Seymour via Comcast Bay Area. “As I mentioned many times before, I see myself retiring a Raider.”


Seymour is guaranteed $22.5 million in the deal, and is likely to get $30 million over the next two years. Albert Breer of NFL Network pointed out that Seymour will have made $73 million between 2006 and ’12. Few NFL defenders have made more over that span. (If any. A little help here?)


The Patriots did Seymour a favor by trading him a few years ago, because he’s maximized his money in Oakland. And his contract will help other defensive linemen maximize their contracts when free agency hits again.


And people say you can't swindle a team. Seymour's agent did. Oh BTW Ngata's deal just got that much more expensive.

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...and this is where you can see the owners are at fault with the current state of affairs. They are the ones who insist on paying ridiculous money. The Snyders of the NFL. They wreck the CAP and salary structure. How they let the cost of first round draft picks get so absurd proves the owners need a CAP on themselves.


Don't increase the CAP...keep it the same or lower... then they don't have to grease the fans or cry poor.

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