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Lamar Don't Know. We Don't Know.

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Harbaugh don't know.

With his new car in the shop, when asked if his loaner would make it to Vegas Roman responded, "I don't know. We'll just have to put it in gear and see what happens."

The Question? What's this Ravens offensive identity going to be?


“I don’t know,” he said, when asked to describe the Ravens’ offensive identity for 2021. “I don’t want to lie to you and say something crazy. I don’t know yet.”   ‘Finally’: Ravens QB Lamar Jackson eager to get started after an offseason marked by injuries, COVID vaccination questions - Baltimore Sun

It hurts losing all these key players. Like you, I wanted to see JK behind this line and Gus bludgeoning defenders. Peters taking it to he house. Letting go of those expectations is hard. Probably need some form of therapy. 

On "the glass being half full" Ravens fans have more to look forward to. More mystery. More surprises. What will the 2021 Ravens offense look like? Will it morph into more of a passing offense?

If ever there was a time, opportunity and necessity for Lamar to fully mature as a passer then that time is now. His 4th season. He has the weapons and even more once Bateman and Boykin get back. The offense has always been Lamar. He finds ways to win.

It's going to be very interesting to see what this offensive identity becomes in the 1st quarter of the season as they find and discover themselves.

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One two three throw... One two three throw...one two three throw..

Lamar needs to say this over and over and do it. Make his presnap read, it is pretty easy, teams are playing zone against him most of the time. Thus he knows his receivers routes, I hope, so one two three throw. On target or out of bounds.


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