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Sigh... bound to happen...


Came into tonight with dead bats, dead arms and 3 straight losses...


Arrieta pitches well. Bats put up runs early.


Bats decide later runs don't matter. Arms decide later pitching doesn't matter. New closer decides leads don't matter. Old closer decides its okay to give up a run in the 10th.


I hope Buck rips them a new one. How about Koji as the closer.

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And at the moment, neither he or Pie are hitting.


I still don't get all the Scott love. Fine season last year... but far from "stellar" and still went through a series of HORRIBLE slumps.


Reimold was hitting this spring, unlike others... bring him in.

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The Orioles are hitting teams who are catching fire so everything has to go right for them...which it's not.

They haven't found their "identity" or winning formula.


It's still very early in the season, but they look like an "around .500 team." Just don't have the stuff to hang with the big dogs.

Then again....we knew that.


When they start hitting, they could go on some good runs.

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They have stopped pitching... I will give Britton and Guthrie their one down game, but the others haven't looked sharped at the moment. The bullpen looks atrocious. Can't figure why we keep running Gonzalez out there.


And the bats have been pretty lame. All season they've been lame, really.


Don't get me wrong - I'm not jumping ship. I'm just saying that we're back to a point we've seen before. Nothing is clicking at the moment. It's frustrating. And we've certainly killed that 'strong start' by losing (correction) 6 straight.

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I am not jumping ship. If told that the team would start 6-7 I would have taken it with no problem. Its just the way they have achieved that record that is annoying.


Luke goes through stretches where he swings at absolutely anything.

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