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Halloween Red Zone Day

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It's a RedZone Day! Image result for alfred e newman halloween images A Halloween Red Zone Day


. OK...Steelers Browns 1 pm. Steeler fan for that one :scared:  because they are not going anywhere. Maybe a tie would be better. :thumbup:
So I'm a Jets fan today...:yeah: ...Pats.... Not sure on Titans/Colts....I guess I'll pull for the Titans to win and bury the Colt's a little deeper. Dolphins fan too. ..give the Bills a loss. That will help. You can see that I'm into lost causes. :laugh: Should be a lot of horror in store for me. See the source image

The 8 o'clock Mexico's Team vs Vikings has some interest because the Ravens play the Vikings next week.

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Jets down 17-14 @ the half having 3vturnovers. Remember Mixon? 1.7 ypc.

Steelers lost their kicker Boswell on cute but disastrous 4th play. 

Look lout for the Bears.., they are scrappy. 

Bills/ Dolphins 3-3 barn burner.

Colts up 17-14... want Colts to lose..get some breathing room.

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Sssshhhh! Listen. What's that I hear? A faint moaning sound... in the wind. A wailing. 

It's the wailing of Browns and Bengals fans!

See the source image


Image result for alfred e newman halloween images"In the last three games, the Browns have scored 14-17-10 points."

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Halloween seems like the appropriate time to stake the defending NFC East champion Washington Football Team, which was a combined 6-for-19 on third and fourth down Sunday, had two field goals blocked, was 0-for-2 in the red zone and turned the ball over twice in a 17-10 loss to the Denver Broncos. Needlessly wasted year after the last-place WFT (2-6) botched its opportunity in the offseason to continue progressing this franchise....NFL scores and more, Week 8 2021: 32 things we learned (usatoday.com)


Meanwhile, ineffective Cleveland Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. is a microcosm of his 4-4 team, which now sits in the AFC North cellar. Beckham finished with one reception for 6 yards in Sunday's loss to Pittsburgh and is on pace to finish the year with 43 catches and 580 yards. His 38.7 yards per game aren't even half his career average (80.3).


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