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This team is in funkorama. Get smacked around by Bosox and Yanks. Lose hangover game to Nats by 2 TDs on Friday night, then turn around and win final 2. Winning w/o BRob and Lee; go figure. Maybe this is our identity; win 2 of 3, lose 2 of 3, lose three in a row after a meltdown, win 2 or 3 aginast sisters of the poor.


Looking like a 65-70 win team, maybe 75-80 if Matusz returns, Britton stays effective, Guthrie maintains and Arrieta/Tillman hold their own. Oh yes, and if the planets align.

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I think they are on track for .500....right where many predicted.


The starting pitching is decent...without their supposedly best starter. They have had injuries.

The bats have been weak...so they can do as well or better than they have.


Now...they can't beat the really good teams...just not there yet... but .500 looks like it will happen.

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Here we go again..Within in 3 1/2 of the lead.


Yep. We met our goal and expectation- .500. A week or so ago, crav, we were tested by the Bosox/Yanks. We didnt pass the test and hada couple meltdowns.

Now we have the West Coast swing. Lets see where we are after the road trip.

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First, this is looking like much more than a 65 win team. Definitely a 70 win team at least... 75 without much hesitation... maybe hold 500 the whole year...


We've played a rough first two months but come through okay, and we have winnable games ahead. And you have to remember that last year's 65 or however many wins came after going 2-16 to start the season. We're already far better than that.


I'd also like to add that Wieters and Jones are both playing well and getting better. And despite the crap, Markakis is getting better too. Early season slump was worse than normal, but he's hitting well over 300 in May already. Look for him to really peak in the next 50 games. Wieters is quietly hitting over 270 now and getting stronger. Jones is quietly pushing 300. Both are tied for team lead in RBI. And Vladdy is hitting over 300 and finding his power stroke.


Offense will always be a struggle with the mix of young and (too) old. But the arms are there.

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We can never play on the west coast.


Exactly. Its the antithesis of the "West Coast effect in the NFL: teams from the West usually lay eggs on the East coast.

Of course, The Os having had 13 consecutive losing seasons doesnt necessarily strengthen the argument. Just sayin....


As a matter of observation, this is one painfully mediocre team. We could go winless on this entire West Coast swing and end up 60 and 102 for the season, or split the rest of this road swing and end up winning 70-75 games. Neither would surprise me. Winning more than 75-80 games, or less than 60 games would.

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