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Ed Reed

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Ed Reed





Has Ed Reed done enough this season to be named DPOY?

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Here are the candidates:


Albert Haynesworth - Haynesworth has 51 tackles and 8.5 sacks as a defensive tackle. However, his impact on the field is much greater than his numbers as he is very difficult to gameplan for. He is an impact player for arguably the best team in the league, which will get consideration.


James Harrison - Harrison is having truely an exceptional year very worthy of the DPOY. Harrison has 101 tackles, 16 sacks, 7 FFs, and an INT. The sack numbers are impressive, but I think the over 100 tackles as a pass rushing 3-4 OLB is amazing. Remember, Harrison plays for the league's number one defense as well, which should help him out in the voting.


Troy Polamalu - Polamalu is tied with Reed (and Michael Griffin) for the league lead in interceptions with seven. Polamalu is very similar to Reed in his impact on opposing offenses. Polamalu is more active in the run game with 70 tackles but he does not have the return ability of Reed, as evident by his mere 59 return yards and zero touchdowns.


Ed Reed - Our very own Ed Reed is having just as much of a deserving year as the next guy. He has 38 tackles, a sack, 7 INTs for an astounding 220 return yards (31.4 average), and of course three defensive TDs. Like Haynesworth, the impact is far greater than numbers as Reed is always on the opposing QBs mind every single play.


DeMarcus Ware - Ware is having a great year of his own with 80 tackles, 20 sacks, and 6 FFs. We know first hand the impact he has pass rushing, he opens up opportunities for the rest of his defense, which is why the Cowboys are number one in team sacks. He could get extra consideration if he breaks the sack record this week (needs three sacks).


Everyone of these guys is just as deserving as the next. In my opinion, Reed, Polamalu, and Harrison are all hurt because of the talent around them on their defenses. Especially Polamalu and Harrison, who might cancel each other out in voting. It really would not surprise me to see a tie for this award, possibly between Ware and Haynesworth.

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