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Whose under Center on Saturday ?


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Head aches, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, as well as what you mentioned, memory.

Been there, done that many, many times.

If he had a mild concussion, he is likely to play, those symptoms only last a day or so. More severe, the symptoms linger.

Knowing how much he wants to play, how much the team needs him, he might try and ignore the symptoms and try to fool the doctors.

The hit looked worse than it was, my bet is, he plays.

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I think we'll see Huntley but there is nothing defenite on that at this time.

Huntley and Brown are UFA's that the Ravens swooped up. Here's a good article that shows how detailed and together the FO, scouts and coaching staff is. 


Meanwhile, undrafted free agency continues to yield strong results for the Ravens, who have a long history of success in this area. Members of former or current undrafted free-agent classes who contributed to the win in Pittsburgh included running back Gus Edwards, who rushed for 66 yards and salted the game away with a late 6-yard run; fullback Patrick Ricard, who was battering Steelers all afternoon; Tucker, who converted all four of his kicks; offensive lineman Trystan Colon, who played well in his first start at guard; and defensive back Ar’Darius Washington, who played a handful of snaps in the slot.

Then, there were Huntley and Brown. Picking up a road divisional win with a former undrafted free-agent quarterback starting the game and a current undrafted free-agent quarterback finishing is not exactly a regular occurrence around the NFL. Anthony Brown is testament to Ravens’ approach to signing undrafted rookies - The Athletic


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