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10 Years Ago Tomorrow


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Thank's for the great memory and article Jeff Zrebiec! :gorave:


<> at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on January 12, 2013 in Denver, Colorado.


Ray Lewis (Ravens middle linebacker): We went into (defensive coordinator Dean Pees’) office (before the rematch) and I took Ed (Reed) with me and I said, “Dean, you know we can’t play Peyton in a Cover 1, right?” He was like, “Why? What are you thinking?” I said, “Dean, it’s a chess match. We have to make him beat us.” … The whole thing was don’t let the ball get over our head. If Peyton doesn’t get a cheap one over your head, you’re good. Make him work for it the entire game, and he will make a mistake. We played the game of chess, because we said, “He has to make a mistake.”




Harbaugh: I remember (guard) Marshal Yanda spraying water on himself. Frozen solid. I remember their players were complaining about it. They couldn’t grab him. They were like, “He’s got a substance.” And the ref was like, “It’s ice. It’s ice.”





Flacco: He had icicles in his beard and the front of his jersey was just a sheet of ice. You couldn’t grab it.


Jones: I was running into the end zone and I’m thanking God. But it was so quiet, so I’m like, “Damn, there’s a flag on the play.” I see Anquan (Boldin) come running and I’m like, “Oh, this s— counts.” I kept thanking God. It was quiet as s— in there.

Dickson: I was one of the first people to go down there and celebrate with Jacoby. His mom even told me, “Man, you’re one of the only people who picked my grown son up on your shoulders and burped him like a baby.” I was so excited.


How the Ravens-Broncos ‘Mile High Miracle’ still resonates a decade later - The Athletic

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