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I'm speaking from looking at sanders he went into a boot and was out for 3 weeks a walking boot is never a good thing. Look at how hard pouncey tried to get into the super bowl but couldn't because he was in a boot. If it wasnt serious he wouldn't be in thw boot. Also thus could play with the timing between him and Flacco he had what a week of practice.

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This is worse news than starting an O line that hasn't played together.

At least 4 of the 5 linemen are familiar with each other and the playbook.


Evens would be a big difference maker opening day. Big.


Lose him and it's Bouldin, Smith, Doss, Reed. That's weak for one of the biggest games of the season.

Lose him and they can load the box and stop the run.

lose him and they can double Bouldin and force the rookies to beat them.



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