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Game Balls

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This is a toughy..


Offense Cam Cameron, going into this game I was a nervous wreck about the O-Line, the unit didnt have one snap together. What he did yesterday was nothing short of a miracle.


Defence Ed Reed, he IS a ball hawk and lived up to that reputation yesterday, 9 tackles and 2 picks.

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Joe Cool...definately...he made the plays and didn't turn the ball over. There was definately a ton of heat on him going into this game and Joe responded. He was cool as shit throughout the game.



Got to give Cam one...he out coached and had a better game plan.


Same for Pagano...he's developing these guys and after a year off, the D was totally smashmouth...the hitting was brutal.


Give John Harbaugh the big game ball. He had his coaches make the right changes in the off season...that's when this game was won.He was so fired up and you can see that part of John in his coaches and team. We have one hell of a head coach and coaching staff.



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Game ball on offense I give to our O-line. They manhandled that front 7 in the pass and run game. Unbelievable.


Defense I give the ball to Ngata or Suggs. Ngata was in beast mode and personally destroyed that O-line with Suggs in relentless pursuit. Edge to Ngata because he really gave us a lot of cushion early on. The picks came later in the day when they gave up.

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