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After reading this...

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After reading this I thought it's time to get a grip....


.... a peek at Brian Billick's power rankings for FOX Sports this week...

“The way the Ravens beat down the Steelers, given the normally close nature of these games, cannot be overstated,” wrote Billick, who has worked as an analyst for FOX and NFL Network since he was fired in 2007. “I'm on record as saying this might be the best Ravens team ever, and I still might have underestimated them.”



It was just 1 game...a couple of weeks ago fans were calling this a 10-6/9-7 team. It's a long season with a ton of quality opponents. I think I'll jump off the purple cloud for awhile until I see consistency.


Time To Chill Brian! :gorave:


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I knew Crav would join me in my zealous pursuit of perfection lol lol lol


Nothing like having blinders on, it makes the season sooooooooo much more fun!



It does!


I'm dialed in now. I want the Ravens to win every divisional game and conference game...leave nothing to chance to get that bye and a home playoff game.


Home playoff games...wow...we can dream! :gorave:


"You really kicked our ass!"


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Guest BallTMore

haha! I agree.


Beating the hell out of Pittsburgh warrants being on cloud 9 for a while, but we still have a lot of games to play.


I am however feeling a lot better about this team.

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