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Game 6 Titans


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This will be a tough one for sure. If it was here, at home, I would say the Ravens bounce back and put a whoop'n on the Titans.

However.... One thing the struggling Titans can do is run the ball with Henry. Three years ago they ran his tires off, 28 times for 133 yards, me thinks they will try that again.

One thing the Ravens defense has shown is an inability to hold the edge, mostly early in games. They seem to toughen up as the game goes on. In 3 games, Henry has averaged 4.2 yards per carry against the Ravens. That has to change.

Passing, however, the Titans have struggled, thrown five picks, averaging just 7.4 yards per attempt, largely because they can't protect Tannioverthehill, (63% complete) given up 17 sacks so far this year, 186 yards passing per game.

They have only scored 7 touchdowns this season, 5 by rush, 2 pass.

This is the area the Ravens have to dominate, pressures, sacks, picks.

Their defense is not very good, but not horrible either. They have 13 sacks on the season, giving up almost 39% on 3rd downs, They have given up 5 tds in the air, allowing 240 yards per game.

Moses is expected back along with Mercari, so the line should be fine. The Titans are giving up 94 yards per game on the ground, pound them, something that they should have done to the Steelers in the 2nd half. You can run the rush legs off of their pass rushers, take the starch out of their blitzes.

If the team can stop Henry they can win this thing. If they get caught up trying to prove that last week was a blip and the last trip to London an aberration, they may repeat both....

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I really can't add much more to Tsyl's well done analysis. It can go either way. I hope they haven't gotten caught up in all the London frivolity and forgotten they are there to play what has been a tough team for them in the past. I'm worried they are looking at the time spent in London as a nice vacation.

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11 hours ago, varaven45 said:

We lay another egg in London,  discover new ways to lose, Lamar poops the bed again, Harbs gets outcoached by Vrabel, throws a new person under the bus, and we come back home 3-3.   More heads are spinning 🥴

Good to see you back VA! Say, what happened? You use to be a cheery one, sunshine and unicorns, has Harbs and the time away soured you? 😀

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The Ravens are in their best health of the year going into Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The only player Baltimore ruled out for the game is outside linebacker Odafe Oweh, who didn't practice this week as he continues to rehab from an ankle injury.

Offensive tackles Morgan Moses (shoulder) and Patrick Mekari (illness/chest) both had full practices this week and have come off the injury report. Baltimore will have its full offensive line.

"We're close to full strength," Head Coach John Harbaugh said. "That's big."

Moses missed his first game since his rookie season last week in Pittsburgh, snapping a streak of 134 straight games played. Then Mekari went down midway through the game, pushing Daniel Faalele into action. Moses has been playing at a high level this season and his return will pay big dividends for an offense looking to bounce back after scoring just 10 points last week

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As I understand it, the problem with the field in London is that there is a seam running the length of the field near one side of the yardage markers and players have been getting their feet caught in it and spraining ankles and worse. The soccer team won't even play on the turf field the NFL teams do. The soccer teams play only on a grass field at that stadium.

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On 10/13/2023 at 7:49 AM, tsylvester said:

Good to see you back VA! Say, what happened? You use to be a cheery one, sunshine and unicorns, has Harbs and the time away soured you? 😀

Thanks TSY,

Bo, just not feeling it this weekend plus we just don’t play well in London…..ever.  
Plus, I’m still in the camp that wishes we hadn’t resigned Lamar and would have drafted a new QB.  

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Wow, what a game! The team controlled the entire first half. The only pts for the Titans, a field goal came thanks to a terrible pi on Williams who has a right to stand his ground and go for the ball. Just as Gene, I can fit a playing card in here Testatore said.

Lamar missed a a couple chances in the red, red zone first not seeing Andrews open for 6, instead throwing it away. Another red, red zone chance in the first half had Lamar on a qb keeper, had he been patient, the inside run was open for 6, but he got impatient and ran outside. The result, more Tucker who kicked not one but 6 field goals.

The refs, either let them play or call it for both teams. This illegal touching is a legit call, but the Titans were guilty of it too. Only one call for the Ravens and five or so for the Titans is not good at all.

In facts, all of the Titans points came thanks to these over blown calls.

The defense for the Ravens, wow, what pressure on Tanneoverthehill, Clowny and VanNoy were renting time in the pocket, Good to see them both finally get a couple of sacks, in the 4th quarter!!!! Madebeke, Jones, Pierce as well. That roughing on him was bogus, he pulled off as best he could, that was a sympathy flag.

Lamar, yes, he wad great even with the two misses in the first quarter. That movement in the pocket, finding Flowers for 6, Andrews for 40, Obj with a catch and run for 40, is what we have waited for!

That puck, on him or Bateman, who gave a half hearted attempt at catching it, we will never know whose fault it was.

Special teams, outstanding, coverage, that huge return to keep momentum going in the first half! But another blocked kick, on a pat, they have to fix that.

All in all, I thought they might blow the lead, the win the way they played in the 3rd quarter, but they brought it in the 4th to finish the Titans off, despite the officials.

On to the Lions, I wish they had taken the bye week, but at least it is at home.

Stone makes another great pick to thwart a comeback attempt. Williams would have had one too is he could use his left arm....

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One other note on the refs. 4th quarter, under 2 mins, Willis tries to run around the left edge and is finally tackled around the 3 yard line. There is a blocking in the back penalty on them, 10 loss. It should also carry, because the clock was moving, a 10 second runoff. But there was no runoff. Titans were out of timeouts, and there is no way the Ravens would have denied the runoff. Just more of the refs being off their game.

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I wasn't satisfied with what I saw. First half and fourth quarter the offense moved the ball easily but they are leaving way too many points on the field. FGs by Tucker are nice but they need better red zone offense that gets TDs. Lamar was sensational early and late but looked a little disheartened in that 3rd quarter.

Defense was superb! Queen had yet another good day as did Clowney. Really impressed with the pressure the D has been able to create due to the schemes our DC has drawn up.

Next week, another tough opponent in the Lions. We have to play better in the red zone.


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That's good to hear. Maybe just maybe we'll have the break out game we've been waiting for.

I'd like to see us develop more of a killer instinct on offense rather than letting the other team hang around and around and make it a close game. We need to be able to put the finishing touches on.


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