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Got to weather the storm

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The Ravens off season 'questions marks' were glaringly vivid today in Nashville.


No pass rushing DE was brought in to help Suggs and it looked like last years pass rush. Weak.

That exposed a secondary missing Smith and Carr who may not be back until week 6. Foxworth hasn't healed anmd shouldn't be on the field. This Ravens secondary is very weak at the moment...JV...in trouble...reeling.

Right now this D can't stop an accurate quick release passer.



The O line question: How long would it take for them to gel after not playing together during the pre season? Looks like it could be awhile. LeVoir didn't help matters. Oher took a step back this week too.


The running game looked like last years.


Flacco has 1 bad game maybe 2 a year. Hopefully this is it. Joe just wasn't 'there' today.



Two big games comming up until the bye. They have to find some answers and weather the storm.

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Perhaps Jimmy Smith and Sergio Kindle could have remedied some of our problems defensively but they were injured/inactive due to our wonderful head coach. I mean who really cares about offense or defense when you can lead the league in special teams? The Browns spectacular special teams always leads them to a 4 or 5 win season!!!


Also, who cares that Mark LeVoir has only been here a week longer than Gurode and has never played guard, I'll take the slightly more prepared yet inferior player every day of the week!!!


We probably would have lost this game either way but Harbs personnel decisions have been questionable at best.

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