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Media gave me an OD of Vick Talk


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Beginning note: This really is not about Michael Vick. He's just one of the 5 NFL players the media chooses to talk about everyday, all the time.


QUESTION! :cop: How does everybody love the 20 minute updates on Vicks hand on the local sports talk shows this week? I felt like I was living in Philadelphia.


OH! OH! It's only a bruise!

Like we really friggn'n care!!!!!!!!!!



and...and...the Refs are so unfair to him! I bet they own dogs.


Of course nationally this is all they talk about...meanwhile it's week 4 and 31 other teams with 53 man rosters are getting ready to go at it. This will be the theme for the year. VickVickVickVick because everybody lives in Philadelphia or doesn't have a team they follow or doesn't have a life. The theme will change when it's officially announced the Manning is out for the year. This will require a month of discussion.


The killer is that you can't switch channels to escape this because every new group of talk show hosts have to give their opinion on it. By the time their show is over you think it's talked out...


The next group who take over the microphone feel they have to give their opinions... :cryin:



"Today our football experts will analize this....all 26 will say the same thing."


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Max, I really like Tom Jackson, good player who played great, above his talent, for many years. He is also an excellant analyst, however he lets his prejudice get in the way some times. Now mind you, he has good reason, he played in a time when racism was running rampant in the NFL. It still exists to some extent, but that is another topic.


Vick does not get hit, and here is the key word, illegally, any more than any other quarterback. Last week, tommy gave the impression, based on ONE play, that Vick was getting hit, illegally, far more than any other qb. He was really worked up about it. apparently this over the course of this week, some one got to him and had him tone it down, showed him he was wrong. Today, he points out that is was just one play, but then goes on a rant that closet dog lovers are officials and are holding Vick's killing and torture of dogs against him, allowing, yep, illegal hits.


Were Vick white, Tommy would not say a word, yet his bias has him making more excuses. Has Vick turned the corner as a quarterback? Yes, he can now read defenses, basic coverages mind you. His accuracy has improved greatly, I am surprised at that, most qb's can't improve their accuracy, so good for him.


But let us not think that Vick get hits, illlegally, any more, or, far more than other quarterbacks, mobil or not. Sal Palantonio once told me that the media was essentially under orders to make Vick seem better than he was, that was before jail. I've a feeling that same mantra is back.

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Tsylvester,They are probably under the same orders for Matt Ryan.


Speaking of Jackson...Boomer who I thought was a "hate on all things Baltimore" has the Ravens as his Super Bowl pick!


Speaking of the media...did you read this?....


Josh Charles To The Ravens' Defense

Baltimore’s Josh Charles, the Emmy-nominated actor for CBS-TV’s “The Good Wife,” is devoted to the Ravens. He’s recognized in New York, where he now lives, by the Ravens’ logos on the helmet he wears while tooling around the city on his Vespa. Josh has worn a Ravens’ uniform on “The Jimmy Fallon Show” and talks publicly about the Ravens whenever he can.

On Tuesday, Charles was on “The Dan Patrick Show.” Josh met Patrick when Dan called the game for a recent celebrity flag football contest that was televised nationally. Charles, in fact, caught a touchdown pass from Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino in the game and broke out into an excellent imitation of Ray Lewis’ “Squirrel Introduction Dance.” Charles and Patrick eventually talked about Josh’s devotion to the Ravens, and Charles mentioned that he did not like some of the things Dan and Bob Costas had said about the move of the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore way back when. Patrick told him that he should come on his show and talk about it.

Unbeknownst to Charles last Tuesday, Patrick had Costas waiting on a phone line to join the on-air conversation. “They surprised me, but we got to talk about it. I didn’t want to be impolite, but I stood my ground without trying to embarrass anyone,” Charles said.

Here is the Josh Charles interview with Dan Patrick and Bob Costas. (The discussion about the Ravens starts around the 15:00 mark.) Our man Josh throws it down against Costas. Josh calls Bob out for comments he made prior to our ripping of the Patriots in the 2009 playoffs and about Art Modell and the moving of a franchise at the Ravens’ first-ever game in 1996 (against the visiting Raiders.)



I'm fine with how the Ravens are viewed nationally these days...they have to earn respect and they are getting some...a win tonight will move them up toward that 'Elite' catagory but you and I know this team does have weaknesses like everybody.

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