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Who the frick knows?


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Burning question: Which Joe Flacco will show up the rest of the season – the one who ripped the Steelers and Rams, or the one who couldn’t complete half of his passes against the Titans and Jets?



I have no idea. :nono:

Logic says he'll play better as he gets it down with his receivers. Evans needs to come back...and they have to develop chemistry.


Joe's trying to find himself...trying to emerge...just trying things out. Which is good, as long as it doesn't cost the team games. But...a process like that means inconsistency....nail biting...no sure thing.


Not only Joe, but this offense needs to get it's identity back...run the football more. The offensive game plan for the Jets looked like a pre season scrimmage.


As the O line improves, Joe should too.


Right now most of this is theory. That's shakey ground.


Hopefully the bye week gave Harbaugh and Cam time to commit to an offensive identity. Ozzie wants to run more. Hopefully they heard him...I mean...he is their boss.

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I don't mind them running SOME more but the best teams are beating their foes with passing and it gets that way more with each passing (pun intended) year. Flacco and the offense just HAVE to start being consistent if they want a Super Bowl shot.

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Joe really shouldn't need to get "on the same page" with his receivers so much as he's got to make better decisions. He has to own this offense. I don't want to make many more excuses for a QB that is in his 4th year. However he wins and he doesn't turn the ball over. I like Joe, I want him to be the man, he's got to grab the reins and be that guy. I think often Joe gets gun shy and doesn't want to throw passes when he should. I've posted before, Flacco has got to take a few chances and let the receivers make some plays. He needs to be more balanced in that department. I like the conservative nature because when you don't turn the ball over, you greatly increase your team's opportunities to win ball games, that's a fact. See Tony Romo, the guy throws for boat loads of yards but keeps Favrein it at the end. Balance Joe, it's the key to using "The Force" lol.

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Yager, Spot on bro. You watch Aaron Rodgers and he works in every WR and turns them all into All Pros. I think their waterboy is a Pro Bowl alternate. Joe needs to step up, get game and make it happen. It all starts Sunday vs Houston. C'mon Joe ! :gorave:


The list goes on and on too:


Tom Brady

Phillip Rivers

Matthew Stafford (New entry this year)

Ben Roethlisberger

Drew Brees


A couple of other guys that I feel are on Joes level:


Ryan Fitzpatrick

Eli Manning

Matt Hasselbeck


Those guys are using new receivers every year too. The difference, those guys are throwing to those receivers. Boldin doesn't get the ball enough period. Joe needs to walk to the line, look at Boldin when the CB is playing off and just change the play. WR screen Boldin, 1st down.


Things like that need to improve if Joe wants to be at the level that he says he's at.


Joe's 69 completions are just a few above Henne for cryin out loud. If you're a top 5 QB, you blow Henne out of the water.

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