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now this is ridiculous


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This is just too hard to believe!

Meanwhile, Grubbs' bad toe got stepped on during practice Thursday. If he can't go, Andre Gurode will start in his place again.


"He got stepped on, so we'll just have to see," Harbaugh said. "It was a little bruised, so we decided not to take a chance. We'll have to see on Sunday before the game how he's moving."



Fans and the media have been quietly thinking it's turf toe...the same thing that ended Ogdens career. It's a career killer...just ask Deon.

Grubbs deserves better than this. He's the best pulling guard on the team...seriously good, and while Girode can fill in, he can't play LG near as well as Grubbs.



Evans? It looks like the Ravens signed damaged goods. He's not playing...not even close to playing.

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I'm worried about both Grubbs and Evans. Grubbs practicing but not playing to me means that the injury keeps flaring up as he is testing it out. Not good. I don't know what to think about Evans, definitely seems like damaged goods. Thankfully Torrey Smith has stepped up but it would be nice to have a veteran like Evans out there.

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It's refreshing to see a young receiver step up when we need him! I sincerely hope that we can get Evans on the field, however I think it's prudent that we simply wait till later in the season to deploy him. It'd be nice to have our two speedsters available late in the season.


Grubbs, it's just very disappointed and I'm sure he's more frustrated than we are.

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