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Reid getting a ton of heat


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Philly is pounding the shit out of him..


this has the look and feel and especially the smell of Reid's final season. He has burned through the equity he built with his first six seasons. He must be judged now on the product on the field and the decisions that led to its utter failure.

Reid decided on the unheard-of promotion of Juan Castillo from offensive line coach to defensive coordinator. The defense is a mess.

Reid was fooled by Michael Vick's stretch of midseason performances and committed the franchise and millions of dollars to the quarterback. Vick is a turnover machine on the brink of breaking down at any time.

Reid has final say on drafts that have not produced a difference-making defensive player since Trent Cole in 2005, and he was a fifth-round accident.

Any coach in the NFL would be fired after Reid's last three, declining seasons. There is no reason left not to hold Reid to that same standard.

This 2011 team was overhyped from the start after the spending spree in the beginning of August. Those sky-high expectations make this horrendous start look even worse. But throw out those expectations - which, by the way, were shared and encouraged by the team's front office - and this is still a firing-offense of a football team.


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Looks like this is really going to be his final stay as he is wearing out his welcome in Philly. When McNabb left, little did he know his and the Eagles downfall would be coming to this.

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