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That's the Palmer I know and...wait....


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And to think we got all those picks for him! I thought after the Raiders benched Boller who was of course total junk, Palmer would step up and at least get Oakland back in the game.


Did. Not. Happen.


Palmer went right back to being a pick 6 machine with an agenda to make Kyle look better than he was.


Both of these washed up dudes need to find a job selling used cars, because they sure as hell ain't gonna make it in the NFL.

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It was like I was watching an old Bengals game.

Can you hit stop/rewind for me? Then take out the tape/DVD and burn it.


We've passed beyond that.

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At least Carson has the rust excuse. I was actually rooting for Boller to play well. He looked worse than ever!

Neither Kyle or Carson have much of a career to look forward to. Stick a fork in both of them for they are done!

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This is a classic example of the fans knowing more about a player than the coaches and an organization....the media too.


You've seen every game Palmers played and know where he's at. These media experts see him once or twice a year and then write how this is a 'win win' situation for both organizations.

Maybe he's worth at best a 4th or 5th round pick. OK, the Raiders were desperate...maybe a 3rd or 2 as a final offer. That won't destrory a teams future for a 'hope this guy can play close to what he used to be".

But the Cincy fans know better. What is wrong is that the experts and talent evaluators in Oakland should know better. This is their living and careers at the highest level of football. They should know what the fans know.


He actually had a worse QB rating than Boller...17.3.


The flawed logic here is that the Raiders were in the hunt for the division title and had to do everything to win now. Like it's now or never. So they choose a guy who's best days are behind him, ignoring the fact that it's week 7 of the season and Palmers has had no OTA's with the team, no training camp and just a few practices to get it together as a QB to execute their offense.

No friggn'n way he can save this season for the Raiders. Therefore don't give up your #1 pick and a #2. They'll need them more than Palmer.

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