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yeah, they play that video all the time at the games. They are trying to get the fans into screaming "Ravens" when it says, "what's our name?" but it hasn't caught on yet.



Fans are just waking up to it. The tempo is fast soit's only in the last two games that have I heard fans catching it in rythmn.

It's an awesome video and the chant would be insane if the whole crowd would catch on.


Maybe if they did the drums thing followed by 2 "Defense!" chants and then the "What's our name?" "Ravens!!!" chant it would work. My reasoning is we are busy there...talking, score board watching, watching the game, food, women...:)...that when I hear the Drums..Boom...Boom...then "DEFENSE!"...I'm ready to join in.

This chant goes so fast that by the time I hear it and I'm ready to reply... it's over.


Play it all next year and we'll get it down...I like it.


The game experience at M&T is off the charts...incredible atmosphere...I love our Baltimore fans.

Thanks for being "You".

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