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Flacco Set

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OWINGS MILLS -- It's the NFL playoffs, a time when the pressure is far greater than it is at any time during the regular season, a situation a rookie might find difficult to handle.

But all season long, first-year Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco has shown a calm demeanor even through the worst of times. His teammates and coaches don't see him getting rattled when the Ravens play the Dolphins in Miami on Sunday in first round playoff action.


"Joe is one of those gifted ones, Joe is going to be special," said linebacker Ray Lewis, who has seen a lot of quarterbacks in his 13 years in the NFL. "You see that in his demeanor when he's on the football field. The kid has a calm, humble spirit about himself."


He said there are a lot of quarterbacks who might make a bad play and can't let it go, but Flacco is not like that.


"When he steps on the field, good or bad, Joe is always Joe," Lewis said.





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Joes the man. He deserves recognition for his play and maturity. He's our best rookie at this time. Hes rookie of the decade to us. I've heard some people call him a savior even. Joes the best thing to happen to Baltimore football since Johnny U. With time and hard work people might be saying Matt who in the future. Joe is going to be a super star in the NFL. Joe is my rookie of the year. Keep up the hard work Joe. Thanks, JOE

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I have that feeling the offense will be bailing out the defense in the playoffs. To do that Joe has to play his best football of the year...a tall order for a rookie.

Now...Joe has shown the character and "cool" to do this.


In the playoffs, Joe will have to carry this team at some point...some drives...in order for this team to advance. He'll have to play like a seasoned vet.


He has to protect the ball and make 2-3...maybe more big plays a game for this Ravens team to go deep.

The good news is he doesn't have to do this alone. He has a good line who are totally fired up to protect him and to pound the rock. He has a running game...a huge bonus to help him.




I was watching Flacco's set up and delivery Sunday...fundamentally sweet! He really looked like a "thrower". Fluid and quick to deliver. His mechanics don't slow him down...just his reads and receivers getting open. On the reads, I think it's more of a case where he's being patient for a man to break free, as he seems to see the whole field now.

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