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The Sun's Website - Charges

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Just a head's up on two fun ways to get around the charges (for now):


1. My work laptop uses proxy's to connect to the internet and wifi - and The Sun seems unable to handle counting it's page counts. So you may find some machines that simply can do whatever you like. So far, I read every page on my laptop without issues.


2. On my home PC, where I hit the page count in a single day, I have figured that simply hitting "stop" before the entire page loads stops the site from loading its "you need to pay" screen. ;) So, you simply wait for the article to load, but not the ads or perhaps menus or comments, and then 'stop' your browser. A bit of a pain, but it lets me read something when I really want to.

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Oh I won't pay but I like reading Preston and Schmuck...got the home computer, company conputer and my Droid....that's 30 pages there.


I'll try your moves Spen when I run out of options....like using my kids droids... :fishin:

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The stop button is a cool trick DC! Much easier then what I was doing.


When they first started, the green box that pops up would be stationary. So if you wanted to read an article, all you had to do would be to scroll all the way down to the comments before the page loads and the green box would pop up there. Then just scroll to the top and read the article. The page is darkened, but was still readable.


Now the Sun made a change where the box will follow as you scroll up/scroll down. What I found, however, is if you hit the "restore down button" (between minimize and the close x on the top right of your browser window), the box will still stay stationary wherever you are on the page when it fully loads. Just don't maximize until you're done reading.

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