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Mangini to Browns


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I am not sure I get this one. You fired a coach from the Pats and a GM from the Ravens, it just didn't work out. So why do you turn around and do it again?



It's the Browns! So it has to be ass backwards. :D


You hire the GM first so he can put his stamp on the team...find the HC he wants and can work with....but not Can'tLerner.


Now Kokinis and Manginin are friends from what I hear so it should bwork out...if they sign Kokinis he must be given full and final authority over all personel matters or he can't leave the Ravens.

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How do you hire a guy who lost his players respect and couldn't stop a slide?


...During his three years in New York, Mangini was knocked in league circles for poor relationships with players and assistant coaches. He had no answers as the 2008 Jets dropped from 8-3 to 9-7 and out of the playoffs, despite controlling their own postseason destiny in the AFC East. At age 37, there are serious questions whether Mangini is ready — or ever will be — to become a bona fide head coaching success.


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