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Ryan keeps focus on Titans, not head coaching job


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Rex Ryan won't mind a bit if he has to wait a few more weeks before turning his full attention toward becoming an NFL head coach.


Ryan, the accomplished defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens, has drawn the interest of the New York Jets, Detroit Lions and St. Louis Rams. Instead of preparing for interviews with those teams this week, Ryan is trying to come up with the best way to stifle the Tennessee Titans' offense in Saturday's second-round playoff game.


If all goes as planned, Ryan will continue to draw up Xs and Os right up to the Super Bowl.


And he doesn't care one bit if some other guys get to interview before he does.



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Rex Ryan should expect to have about as much success as a head coach as Mike Nolan did.

i agree. He is too relaxed to be a HC. The reason he can be so laid back and have success with the ravens Defense is because they're talented players and know how to prepare. When you're the head coach you have to be a little more intense, get in faces, scream and shout (dungy is the exception) I just dont see him going somewhere and having success. It happens to all billick disciples


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