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Terps Lose to Morgan State


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And Mr. Popular Greivis Vasquez not only missed his (and the team's) final 3 or 4 shots... but he also was called for basket interference on a foul shot by a Terp that would have tied the game.


Goodness. No bad losses all season ... until this one.



I still say the easy non-conference schedule will help us more than hurt us... the final W number counts more than who you win against (or so we have learned in previous years).


But to lose... at home... to a 4 or 5 win Morgan State team??? Fuck that ... fuck that Gary... hell, fuck you Gary! Get these guys together.

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I don't know about the win total vs. quality win thing. Remember Syracuse. This is absurd, though. I mean, we all expected it'd be a fairly ugly season, but this is just ridiculous.


Tyree Evans is leading Kent State in scoring, by the way...


And BC lost to Harvard tonight after beating UNC, so I don't feel nearly as bad. :lol:

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Well, for UMD, win total has always seemed to matter more...


We were 20-9 and 20-10 for two straight seasons ... both with winning records in the conference... and didn't make the tourney.


Play easier teams early... makes it easier to get OVER 20 wins... and then its harder for them to deny.

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I'm sure plenty saw and heard about his game against GT (which we somehow won) where he was cursing MD fans on court and between shots... it was ludicrous.


He still doesn't understand... they aren't booing because you missed shots or didn't get rebounds.


They are booing because you are selfish, don't understand how to pass, because you take STUPID shots and because, so far this season, the man you have been guarding has scored more points than anyone else on the court... game after game...



And Gary didn't even have the balls to bench Greivis after the outburst at the fans. Unreal. While he was benched for ten minutes in another game we went on a 20-0 run!

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