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Rex needs a 'Fall Guy' to save his head


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Ryan's delusional talk might be harmful to the Jets' health


The Rex Hex

We've long been told that part of Rex Ryan's brilliance is his ability to take pressure of his own team and put it on himself. This allows him to be bombastic and boastful in ways other coaches wouldn't dream of.


Unfortunately, the logic to this thinking is fuzzy at best. When Ryan says the Jets are the best team in New York, when he says he doesn't want to be seen as little brother, when he says the Jets are going to win the damn Super Bowl, that builds expectations. Expectations that his team -- you know, the guys who actually play the game -- have to back up.


Ryan suffered the lowest moment of his career in a 29-14 loss to the Giants on Saturday, a defeat that did as much damage to Ryan's reputation as it did to the Jets' playoff hopes.

Ryan made Giants Week a playground for his own ego and came out of it with a huge black mark on his résumé. We never thought this was possible about anything, but Brandon Jacobs is 100 percent right.





But wait! He has a way out....


Jets OC Schottenheimer reportedly could be fall guy after season


For all of Ryan's bold and brash talk the Jets repeatedly have failed to deliver big-time performances, and now they need a whole of help to make a third-straight trip to the postseason. If the Jets fail to get that help, and they spend most of January watching other teams compete for a Super Bowl title, someone surely will have to take the blame for the team's shortcomings.


The New York Post wrote Monday, that there's a good chance that person could be offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, whose contract runs through the end of the 2013 season.


The Jets rank 27th in the NFL in total offense



I would be so friggn'n embarrassed if I were the Yets owner.

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Shotty had the balls to bench Holmes. Maybe they ax Rex and keep Shotty....


Rex Ryan backlash well underway in Big Apple





Well, here's a big upset: Rex Ryan is no longer the big media darling of New York.

In fact, the Jets' head coach -- and former lovable defensive coordinator of the Ravens, you'll remember -- is getting killed in the tabloids and on talk radio for his team's disappointing 8-8 season and three straight losses to the Eagles, Giants and Dolphins to close it out.

He's also getting bashed for his team's boorish behavior and the sense that the Jets were out-of-control in recent weeks.

Jets fans were already disgusted by Santonio Holmes' sulking in the final game against the Dolphins, during which Holmes was called out by teammates for quitting and eventually benched -- apparently without Ryan's knowledge -- by offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

(And Holmes was one of the team captains! Appointed by none other than -- ta-daa! -- Rex Ryan.)

This was followed by another devastating PR blow for Gang Green: linebacker Bart Scott, the former Ravens, gave the finger to photographers as the Jets cleaned out their lockers Monday.

OK, everyone knows New York's a tough town. Well, maybe everyone except Ryan, who had an extended honeymoon period with the media and fans after guiding the Jets to the AFC Championship game two years in a row.

But now comes the predictable backlash, made even harder on Ryan because of his swagger and his mouth and his larger-than-life personality.

Some sample headlines from the tabloids today:

"Rex becomes punch line as Jets turned into a joke."

"Oh, those classy Jets! LB makes obscene gesture at photographers."

"Jets issues go deeper than captains."

Ouch. Looks like a long, ugly off-season for Ryan and his team. And that's the price you pay when you talk a good game, rather than play it.


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