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We are most likely playing the Steelers in two weeks. This is assuming that they beat the Broncos (safe) and the Bengals beating the Texans (looks sort of likely) next week. All of the "getting Pittsburgh off our backs" talk from the last four years basically comes to a head in this game. It might be the biggest game we've played in eleven years, and it'll be at home.


It's hard to even get my head around, considering how most of us feel about this team right now. This is going to be big...


(and if it's the Texans we have to play, well, I guess there's much less to worry about for a week)

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Denver is not scary but its rarely easy to go to Denver and win. Plus the Steelers have not looked great the last few weeks either., and with Mendenhall going down today who knows.


I think the Bengals will probably beat the Texans but I think it will be a close game. I can easily see the Texans winning too.


So I cannot start thinking about another Steelers game yet. Honestly at home I do not worry too much about anyone.

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This is one of the benefits of the bye for fans. We don't have to look ahead too hard. We can just sit back and enjoy some stress free playoff football next week. I am going to enjoy the shit out of next weekend. The Houston-Bengals game is a toss up in my eyes. Houston has a great D and a better running game than we do, but they barely beat the Bengals last time. Pittsburgh should have no problem with Denver. Even though they won't have Mendenhall, they have good depth at running back. Interestingly Ryan Clark won't be able to play either I bet. He sits out all games in Denver because he almost died a few years ago due to some sickle cell illness that doesn't play well with the Mile High air

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