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well what do ya think?


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In years past I would attend at least 4 or 5 games a season. Me and the same group of friends would tailgate by the RESCO smokestack off 295. Get drunk, eat the $4 pitbeefs on ridgley street, get drunk some more. It was so fun. Since then we've grown some, got careers, kids, wives, and one of us moved to florida. This year due to financial constraints I couldnt make it to a single game.. Sad I know. So when my buddy called me the other day and said he had 5 tickets to the game, and that our florida friend "the self proclaimed single greatest baltimore ravens in the tampa bay area" was coming up for the game I nearly died. It will mark the first time in a long while since we were all together and any of us will tell you there is no place on the entire planet we would rather be than in that stadium on sunday. In case your wondering what 5 tickets go for in section 534 after shipping and service fees... $1425.43. We wanted to get em sooner rather than later because if Pitt comes to town you can add another 30-50% to the value of those tix.


So I ask you gentlemen, and ladies(dee), what your take on wild card weekend



If Pitt scores 10 points before Den can put up anything then Pitt wins big. If Denver hangs around and plays that nasty D they can keep it close


Pitt 21

Den 10



Dont like Yates, Like Dalton, like the bengals in general. I think Cin wins a shootout


Cin 31

Hou 24


I think AFN represents and moves on. 3 division rivals hit divisional playoffs. Pit@Bal and Cin@NE

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I like Houston especially at home.

I'll take the Broncos if crav puts the Curse on the Stealers.


Then we get the Broncos and Suggs throws for more yards than Tebow.



Im not putting the whammy on the Stealers, I want their yellow snot rag waving asses HERE!!!!!


Heres and interesting tid bit I heard..


Dalton over the past quarter of the season has zoned on on AJ Green and teams have picked up on it..Over the past 4 games Green has had ZERO TD's, the past 2 games (ours included) Green has had 4 catches..They brought up a beautiful play of our game when Dalton took the snap, he immediately locked in on Green, Carr seen it and jumped the pass when Green came open for a split second, coulda been a pick 6.


Maybe Dalton has ran head first into "The Wall" The pressure of the playoffs, away from PBS, is too much for the kid..Hes no Joe Flacco ;)



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