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"What's Our Name?" for 60 minutes


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The media, 'experts', Vegas, NFL fans....all think this Ravens team will fold against a 'fresh' Stealer squad.

We've read the reasons as to why this is the end to the Ravens run....17 straight games, mounting injury and depth concerns, 2 losses to the Stealers this year and a 3rd for certain comming up, away game at Heintz Field...yada, yada, yada.


I think this 2008 Ravens team will play with the "What's Our Name?" passion and intensity for the full 60 minutes tomorrow night.


The "Ray Lewis Factor" will manifest in this team and onto the field. His spirit, passion, intensity and fearlessness is what this team has taken on...to a man.


From all reports I can gather, this team has gone about their business like they have for every game this year. They are loose, not uptight, and having fun.

They are not intimidated by the Stealers.

They are confident and believe in themselves.


Yea...they can pull off the upset...but it won't be an upset to them.




I love Kevin Byrnes answer to the Ravens being too "spent" and out of gas for this game...


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Now THAT was an article. Best thing I've read all week, and just at the right time.


These guys are pumped. This entire city is pumped, and they'll feel it a state away. People spend their lives just trying to get this far, and most don't. There's no give up in anyone on this roster now. Not a drop.


Tomorrow may be the hardest fought game we've ever seen. Ever.

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Guest BallTMore

Great article!



Tomorrow may be the hardest fought game we've ever seen. Ever.


I agree. I have a feeling this will be epic.



I have no doubt we will play with passion for 60 minutes.



Me too! And it makes me proud already, even without knowing to outcome.



"The time is right. It's time to go to a(nother) Super Bowl!"



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Safety Jim Leonhard went to a downtown restaurant last Monday to do an appearance hosted by a local radio station. WJZ-TV’s Mark Viviano hosted the show and told me that Leonhard was carded when he tried to enter the place. How good is that?


Leonhard told the people at the door that he was the guest that night. “You’re the Ravens’ player?” Jim was asked. After Jim confirmed it, the doorman said: “Okay, but I have to check your ID for your age.”



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