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Why is Birk contemplating retirement


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Not so sure about all the Birk hate. How easily replaceable do you think his skills are? His organization of the line seemed pretty decent, even if his physical ability was a bit weaker than expected. But I don't know that either is as easy to replace as you might think.


That's what I never get about the arguments to just cut ties. If the player is abysmal - in the likes of Chris Carr a few years back or David Reed - I could understand it so much more. But unless positives are easily filled, how exactly does it help?

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I would agree that Birk, while not as good as Brown, certainly is light years ahead of Flynn, even at Birks late stage of his career.


My question would be, can he maintain the level of play? With Gurode in the fold, can we take a chance and make it run one more year if no center becomes available via the draft?


I would probably guess he's an expendable vet in order to get some of our other guys signed. It would be nice if a really good C fell to the Ravens in the draft. Remember Reed and Heap were both late 1st round guys.

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