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This is rediculous


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Art who did so much for the league can't get in the room. They will talk about Eddie Debartalo who was thrown out of the league. Honestly I cannot think of what he did as an owner other than hire a good GM and coach and write checks. What did he do to make the league better?

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1999 5-11

2000 5-11

2001 5-11

2002 5-11

Parcells gets to Dallas

2003 10-6

2004 6-10

2005 9-7

2006 9-7

Parcells leaves Dallas

2007 13-3

2008 9-7

2009 11-5

2010 6-10

2011 8-8


So I am seeing 4 straight losing seasons before Parcells. They have been a consistent winner since he was there. I would point more at the GM in Dallas for their issues.


Miami has crappy ownership who has no idea what the hell they are doing.

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