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Kokinis Hired by Browns


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CLEVELAND -- Baltimore pro personnel director George Kokinis has been hired as Cleveland's general manager, reuniting him with new Browns coach and close friend Eric Mangini.


Kokinis, who began his NFL career as an intern in the Browns' operations department in 1991, was hand-picked by Mangini, who recommended him during his first interview with Browns owner Randy Lerner on Dec. 30. Mangini took over as Cleveland's coach on Jan. 7, just one week after he was fired following three seasons with the New York Jets.



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George can't tell them the truth...


New GM Kokinis stays positive (if vague) in joining Browns

For instance, how far is the talent level below those of division powers Pittsburgh and Baltimore? What are his feelings about the quarterback dilemma? Which was the fluke season, 2007 or 2008? Things like that.


Those questions, for the most part, were left unanswered during a news conference Monday as Kokinis chose his words carefully and spoke in generalities about joining Mangini in the latest Browns rebuilding project.



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One more thing.

He's not a real GM.


From ProFootballWeekly...

“The Browns are a coach-driven team. Randy Lerner made that clear when he hired the head coach first. What they need is not a GM. They need a vice president of player personnel with a strong evaluator background — someone that can manage and lead. It’s important that there be a good working relationship with (Eric) Mangini. He will have the final say at the end of the day. … What people do not understand is that Phil Savage did not hire Romeo Crennel. That was Randy’s decision, and it was an awful one. It set Savage up to fail. How do you hire a general manager and not let him pick the head coach. The problem with this league is that too many coaches that do not understand personnel are making decisions on players.”



Bad move George...bad move.

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