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Joe Gibbs Tries to Kill a CEO


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It's not often that Joe Gibbs loses control, but he did Friday night at Hampton Coliseum in Virginia.


Considered a cool customer not only during his Hall of Fame coaching career with the NFL's Washington Redskins but also atop the pit box, Gibbs faced off with Interstate Batteries chairman Norm Miller in a match race during intermission at Arena Racing USA's Hampton Roads.


Gibbs donned one of Tony Stewart's old driver suits and humbly admitted, "I've accused Tony of being a little overweight ... I had five people trying to zip it up" over his midsection.


Miller was on the pole and fended off Gibbs for five laps. However, on Lap 6 Gibbs got loose coming out of Turn 3 and literally drove the No. 20 Home Depot car beneath Miller's No. 18 Interstate Batteries ride entering Turn 4. The end result: Miller's car barrel-rolled as both cars came to a stop.




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Explain to me what how this deals with football.

I hear Joe Gibbs was involved with it at one point.


Sorry if that didn't fulfill your requirements, board administrator. :rolleyes:


Naaaaaaw...it was just geezing...a senior moment.

It's funny, because his reaction afterwards was very "confused and clumsy old man" like. He apologized as if he killed a whole family. :lol:

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