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Joltin Joe picks the Cardinals


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I love it!

This should endear him to the Stealers and their fans. It was a polite way to say, "Eat dirt Pittsburgh." :)


I want to see the upset crav...what a fun night it would be.

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"I represent the Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens and the Oakland Raiders," Woodson said. "It meant a lot to me that teams wanted me."


Have you seen the bandwagon Stealer fans crawling out of the woodwork? All that happened is they traded in their Cowboy jerseys for Stealer garb.


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What do Altar Boys and the Pittsburgh Stealers have in common?
























They are both getting screwed by Cardinals today :)




Alright, that's pretty funny :lol:


In relation to the topic, I am just glad that today is the last day of the season. After today, the pain from our loss will go away a little bit, even if the Steelers win because it is time to move on. If the Cardinals win, the pain will go away completely. At least for me. Either way, I am just ready for all the fun of the offseason to begin! :D

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