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Season of good memories & plays


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There were a ton of exciting plays and turning points last year. Watching the Ravens offense grow and evolve with all the new formations, wrinkles and gadgets was so refreshing for me.

To see Flacco catch a pass from Smith out of the "Suggs package" was a gas and sent the message that this is not the same old Raven offense.

How about Ed Reed's streak of INT's when he caught fire or Ngata's deflected pass and INT in the endzone?

The fake field goal in Dallas...:D


Joe Plantania from Press Box lists 15 game changing plays in this article...



pic35.gif What were some of your favorites?

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The one handed catch by Mason vs Jax..I was at that game, and thats the only play that came our endzone way..What a catch..


The telling point for me of our season came in week 4 at Pittsburg, we had the Boller moment where Pitts scored 14 points in 15 seconds..But then Joe led them to the tiing score to force OT..We lost, but inside, I said he just did that against a top 2 D in this league, it reminded me so much of 2000 when Dilf threw the pick 6 vs Tenny, and then lead us pack for a victory..It was special.


Every game just being glued on Ed Reed, you just knew he was going to do something special, and everytime he did, I was more amazed.


Smith to Flacco..The play book has finally been opened. Its going to be special for the Ravens for 10+ years to come.

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It was a great season from camp on. Watching these work in this camp was a good sight. The only coaches have seen really get down and get out on the field and show the players what they want, and what about the coaches going down field on kicks!


Watching Jim Leonhard really suck in his first week at camp playing D! He was never where he should have been. Even he was down on himself. A friend of mine getting Autographs or trying to get Landry's Autograph as Jim was talking to Landry about play on the field. Landry walk past and she is yelling at JIM to come over and give out Autographs, Jim come over and ask why she would want his, he ked about how he stinks.


Watching the OT playing TE. Seeing some QB drills that I have not seen done here. Seen Joe make a lot of mistakes. Seen Heap getting into, with JJ of all people.


Th first game of the season when Joe pulled a Vinny in the Ravens first game and running it in for a score, I knew this was going to be fun. Beating the Cowboy in the last game with the hole in the roof was the best. Getting Beat by the GMEN was low.

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