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This is insane


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Okay, Ive been fascinated by the whole steroid in the NFL thing so Ive been researching it a bit a diggin up a bunch of stuff.


One person:

Alvin Roy


Alvin Roy was the first strength coach in any professional sport. He was the first to use weight training. Up until then, it was believed that weight training was a hinderance to athletice performance. He changed everything.


In 1962 he was hired by the San Diego Chargers. In 1963 they won a championship. This is the same team ESPN featured a few weeks ago as the first ever 'juiced up' team in the NFL.


Its WELL documented that Alvins training, included "little pink pills." These pills were Diannabol, a steroid. THIS is the begining of steroid use in the NFL.


Now, it gets interesting.


Guess who else employed Alvin Roy as a strength and conditioning coach?


The Kanas City Chiefs in 1968. Guess who won Super Bowl 4 in 1969? His Kanas City Chiefs.


And after that guess who employed Alvin Roy?


The Dallas Cowboys in 1972. Superbowl 6 winners in 1972? Dallas.


Guess who else employed Alvin Roy?


The Oakland Raiders in 1980. Guess who won Super Bowl 15 in 1980? You got it. Unfortunately, Alvin died before the end of the Raiders season.


Now for the really interesting part (the trolls will eat this up). Guess who was a defensive assistant on the 1963 Chargers championship team?


Chuck Noll.


Who went on to be a secondary coach of............The Baltimore Colts. Who, in 1968 possesed the top rated defense, amassed a 13-1 record and were heavy favorites in SB3 before Joe "I wanna kiss you" Namath upset them.


Now, if you look back at the 63 Charger roster, you will see 2 or 3 O/D linemen who went on to play for.........The Kansas City Chiefs in the late 60s.


I stopped reading and researching after this because, the web can really spread if you consider player movement from the Colts, Chiefs, Cowboys and Chargers. Not to mention other San Diego assistants from 1963 who went on to other positions with other teams.


Point being, steroids were well entrenched in the NFL long before Pittsburgh won anything in the 70s.


A couple of other tid-bits about Alvin Roy.


Before catching on in the NFL, he was hired in 1958 by the LSU Tigers to be their strength and conditioning coach.


The results?


You guessed it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1958_LSU_Tigers_football_team


The 1958 national champions.


In 1959?


Third, but still considered the best defense in school history:



Alvin Roy is probably the most influential, yet most unknown person in modern football.


The size, shape, and strength of the modern football player (and therefore the way the game is played) can be traced back some 40 years directly to him. He is the man behind the curtain.


And all of this from a man who doesnt even have a wikipedia page devoted to him (but he does have a myspace page interestingly enough http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...ndid=397064845)


2 LSU players, Jim Taylor and Billy Cannon, were the reason Roy got his job with LSU. They knew him and trained at his gym as high schoolers. Both endorsed Roy and his training methods to then LSU coach Sid Gilman.


Cannon won the Heisman in 1959 and both went on to play in the NFL. Taylor with Green Bay and Cannon with Houston before finishing his career in 1970 with...suprise suprise, suprise, Alvin Roy and the Kanas City Cheifs.






And where did Roy learn his craft?


As a coach with the US Olympic weight lifting team in the 1950s when it was alledged that the Russians were heavy into the stuff.


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That is incredible actually...hire Al "The Pusher" and win a championship. One after another.


The secret was burried a long time.


I can see the competition being pressured into jumping on board the steroid route if they wanted to have a shot at titles.


This really is a "dope" story...getting and using drugs to reach a high (championship) irregardless of the cost or consequences.

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