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While wasting some time at work I decided to check up on the forums. Since I dont want to leave any trace in the browser here and because the company blocks the direct www.extrem....com link I used google and I noticed that this site has had almost 1.5 million searches on google and the skins have less than 650K.


Nothing major here but I just wanted to post about how the Ravens continue to pwn the foreskins on the field and on the net.

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Funny because they have been around for so much longer than us and consider us their "rip off."


Whatever. We win the search/hits battle courtesy of our exclusively written content by members via the front end and the blog.

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ExtremeSkins is, I believe, the official message board of the Redskins... they signed on to that a few years ago when teams were creating boards. The Ravens opted to create their own system. So the Skins website has upwards of several hundred thousand members, I believe.


They beat us in some ways, sure. But we hold our own. I hardly consider us rivals.

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They beat us in some ways, sure.....


Yea...in shared misery and frustration.

My advice to them is.......



Just slip out the back, jack

Make a new plan, stan

You dont need to be coy, roy

Just get yourself free

Hop on the bus, gus

You dont need to discuss much

Just drop off the key, lee

And get yourself free


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