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The Torch Has Now Been Passed


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With yesterday's defensive display - which was quite offensive :scared: - and the loss of Webb, apparent loss of Ray, and a beat up Ngata, we have now seen the torch officially passed to the offense. Our D is now confirmed "soft" and the one you want for starting all your key fantasy players. Maybe Suggs- if he returns - can bring some respectability and physicaility back to the D.


Meanwhile, after about 13-14 years of a legit, top 10 D, the offense is now in charge and will determine the fate of this season... and probably the next few years - until we can find legit players to fill the voids at LB (Ray) and S (Reed).


Its going to be interesting to see how many 31-29, 38-35 or 42-39 type games we win. Joe, Ray Rice et al will have their chances/touches and Cam will be in a hotter seat !







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This is Joe's opportunity to name his price on a contract. With Joe it has always been, "well he has won so many game because he has had a defense." Now Joe does not have a defense to fall back on. If he can lead us to the Super Bowl, it will be because of Joe, not the defense. This is Joe's chance to prove he is an elite QB. If it does not work out this season, makes you wonder if a full blown rebuilding effort is on the horizon. If Joe steps up and takes control, we will know for sure we have our franchise guy. The rest of this year is HUGE. It is either the closing of a window, or the start of a very special run.


BTW the upcoming schedule is not brutal by any means. Tough? Maybe. But certainly winnable. All of the teams on the schedule, outside of the Texans maybe, have been very inconsitent. This is truly a year for parity in the NFL, and at 5-1, we are in a lot better position than any other team out there.


I do not know about you, but I am PUMPED to see how this Ravens team will respond to the injuries!

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I agree Cleetz, the schedule looked tougher at the beginning of the season. Every team we have left has had some sort of inconsistency, every game is winnable. I'm not saying that will happen, but conservatively a 10-6 is very achievable.

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Good points cleetz.


After the Chiefs and Browns game and Sunday, any team on the Ravens schedule is brutal considering how the defense is playing.

We saw a practice squad RB gash the Ravens yesterday.... on a team who has not run the ball all season.


The D is bending bad and about to break. When it does, it's going to be some real miserable shit to watch.


The offense is going to get a small window of time to score if things don't change. Offensive mistakes, like penalties will be magnified.


Yea...Joe was great yesterday. And Ray Rice.


I am still optimistic because of the offense and special teams and yea....I want to see how this plays out. The Raven fan in me says they will make the necessary corrections and adjustments to be a winning playoff team. They will find the 2012 formula to maximize what they have.

The pessimist in me says, that at this rate, when the Ravens play the Steelers, it will be our practice squad against theirs.

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I agree the season will be a grind. We will be grinding withe everyone, from Cleveland (yes Crav :scared: ) to Oakland and all the rest.

Its going to be interesting. We could end up manning up and finish 9-7 or 10-6 (best case) or tank it and go 6-10 or 7-9. No one knows.


I will say this - we are going to learn a lot about this team, and its its character and chemistry - 2 traits that our good, late friend Sock said you could never underestimate.


I am actually excited to see how our LB and CB corps will respond. How our "seemingly clueless" DC adjusts to the losses. How Cam, Joe and Ray Rice take on the challenge.


This transitioning will indeed be a rite of passage for this team and organization. We will get a taste on Sunday in Houston.




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I am actually excited to see how our LB and CB corps will respond. How our "seemingly clueless" DC adjusts to the losses. How Cam, Joe and Ray Rice take on the challenge


Pees hasn't done anything to help the defense. 2 straight 200 yard run games. Foster will make it 3 straight. Stick Bryant McKinnie on the Dline and form a human wall, I'm joking but seriously....

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