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Rise n shine sleepyheads, Im going back to the white Torrey Smith jersey today, black is just too dam hot.


I want to hear the stadium rocking today, this is the start of a brutal 4 game stretch that could make or break our season. Joe needs a confidence booster along with the rest of the offense. The D is what it is, nothing we can do about it, just keep holding out for field goals instead of TD's.

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Sunny skies and temps in the 60's....beautifull football weather.


Today's a regular season game...the real deal, but I think most fans are looking at this game as a tune up.

Will we see more improvement?....some sign that this team is capable of being competitive and winning in the second half of the season?

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I do not want to be sitting for 2 quarters while the offense is stalled.

The Front Office sacrificed the defense to build an offense because high scoring offenses are supposed to be the future of the NFL.


Guess what?

Pittsburg, Houston, San Fran and Chicago all are in the top 5 defensively...and SB contenders.

I'd say the Fron Office bonked.

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Yep on the FO whiffing on D. The FO needs to posture itself for snagging this Notre Dame LB Teo and a pass rusher in the draft, and acquiring via FA another stealth safety like this kid from 49ers - eligible for FA- or an Adrian Wilson type from Arizona. May not happen but it'll take these kind of moves

to return to a respectable D rather than this 25-26 th rated unit we have now.


With Ray and Reed essentially done, it's way, way past time to pass the baton and for the FO to get their crap together. We've still got Suggs, Webb,

Ngata and Pollard for a few to several years; next years moves will be huge.

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