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What else can you say about the Browns?


Quinn was terrible...he get's benched..Anderson comes to the rescue... and looks worse! :D


This was "their season". You'd think they would show up and make it a game.



Mangini??? Obviously not the answer.

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I'm going to be a busy man...I have the Browns and Redskins boards to read... :) ... the Washington Post....Cleveland Pain Dealer...


The Bengals?...looks like they forgot to show up...very disappointing on an otherwise beautiful Sunday.

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Ben throws and INT for a TD...13-10 game... :)


Mike Preston: The Browns came, they stunk, and they left in the ugliest uniforms in the NFL.


Jamison Hensley: If Mangini fined a player $1,700 for taking a water bottle from a hotel, what should he fine his team for this effort?


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A Browns fan replying to a thread title " What we learned from this game."




We are this seasons Detroit ......


Mangini sucks as a coach .........


The owner does not give a damn and is clueless


Both Quarterbacks are a joke


We have no running game or decent wide receivers


The defense is a farce


But apart from that we are in good shape, roll on the next game....

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