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I hate to continually ram this down everyone's throats... but please please please. :)




We started out weaker than expected and weaker than I would have liked... but in the Ravens category we have moved from near the bottom to 4th. And personally, I know our blog is better than the three ahead of us.


Our goal is a Top 3 finish in at least one of the categories and the voting is really really close, so every vote really does matter.


Take that minute at the end of your day today and throw a few votes our way! And make sure you mention the blog to your friends watching football this weekend - they'll find the contest on their own if they find our site! :)

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This is it!! Last day!!


We're in second in both categories and OH SO CLOSE to first... I can smell it... In Sports we've moved from 7th to 2nd in a few days... and the blog in first was right next to us yesterday... we can catch'em


Click here to go straight to our blog in the contest... all you have to do is click vote!!! http://data.baltimoresun.com/mobbies/?vote_for=286#286


Voting ends at 5pm! GO GO GO!

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Crav... it's not about Pinky... he's toast... no way he gets near us right now...


But in Sports... in Sports we are mere votes out of first. We were in 2nd to start the day (to Testudo)... then in first... now in second to Loss Column... that means all three blogs are closer than you can imagine.



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